Friday, July 31, 2009

So, Now what?

Macbeth is officially "no," BTW. (Thanks for the call, CF, it meant a lot to hear from you.) Silence on Streetcar, which would be fine if they hadn't said they would be contacting "everyone" by Friday. I really don't need to get a polite no, but when they say they'll call...


I there's some stuff coming up that would be fun, and I can put energy there.

It's always been my intention to do another show with New Millennium Theatre Company, so that's probably my main target right now. Good group of people. Fun, energetic work. I did a show called Shakesploitation II: Iambic Boogaloo with them a couple of years ago, and had a great time. Always wanted to go back and do another, but the schedules never worked right. This leaves me wide open to audition.

I'm sure Chad, their Artistic Director, will take me to task for using them as a "backup plan," and complain about how much I "hate" them....blah, blah, blah...I think he's having a "curmudgeon contest" with me.

What happened to us, Chad? *sniff* I remember last summer, in San Diego, out behind the convention center, you in your Comedian costume, me in my jeans. I thought we had bonded, man! I thought we had something special! What happened to the love!?!


What I really ought to do is get back to some music. I haven't played my guitar anywhere near enough in the last couple of months. I've got pages and pages of lyric ideas, and I've started on songs about 10 times. I always end up deleting them. I get frustrated with the limits of my drum machine, and my ability to program it.

What I really OUGHT to do is sit down an figure out how to program the damn thing. That's what I ought to do. I have dreams of getting a decent electronic drum kit, so I can record easily, and bring in drummers. Or, God help us all, work on my own skills.

I mean, I can barely play the guitar! Now I'm talking about drums?


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