Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a rotten movie summer...

Seriously, I had high hopes when Star Trek hit. Yeah, maybe it wasn't everything that made up Roddenberry's vision, but it was a fun, exciting adventure movie. One that didn't make me feel stupid for watching it.

Since then, with the exception of Up, a rotten, rotten summer.

Don't even start with the Harry Potter stuff. I know, yeah, it's great. Got it. I will probably like it about as much as the others, meaning that I think it's OK, but lacks any real spark of it's own. Watchmen suffered this same problem.

Normally you can't keep me out of a movie theatre from May to August. I'm rabid with celluloid desire. Yeah, sure most of them were crap, but there would be sparks that would sustain me. Last summer was particularly good. Iron Man, Indy Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (yeah, I liked it, shove off.), The Incredible Hulk (never would've guessed that), Wal-E, and the biggie, The Dark Knight.

Solid work, all through the summer. What do we get this year? Land of the Lost? Wolverine? Year One? Transformers: The Rise of the Fallen? (excuse me, I got a little sick, there) It's crap central in 2009. I'm actually praying this G.I. Joe film doesn't suck, so that the blockbuster season isn't a total write-off.

Then, I head over to the Music Box Theatre two weeks ago, and at a midnight show I'm treated to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and all is not lost. It's a cycle, and quality is out there to be found, you just might have to look a bit.

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