Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday, when the weekend seems so close, yet so far...

So, yeah.

No word on my auditions from anyone remotely official. I know some people have gotten the "no thanks" calls for both. I, to date, have not. Really, at this point, I gotta just think that I won't be doing either.

Maybe I'm a back-up for first choices. That would explain why I haven't heard. That's fine, but I just can't imagine that they haven't at least offered the roles to somebody if people I know have gotten the "next time" call.

No biggie. We roll on. I mean, yeah, I'd have loved to do either show, no doubt, but you know what Jagger said.

For the record, I read for Macduff in Macbeth, and Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire. I can tell you now because it's over, and I don't feel like it will jinx me. LOL! I felt I did the best I could, in the circumstances, with both. That's all I can ask of myself. After that, as I've said, it's all a question of taste.

I can't help it if they have no taste... ;)

(And, yes, that is a JOKE)


Thinking about Wednesday Comics. I still love the series, but I would offer the following constructive criticism. One; 15 is too many features per week. Seriously, I think you could cut the cost of the thing by a bit if you only had seven.

The Wonder Woman strip just smacks of a creator who has no clue how to deal with just having one page. The panels get tiny, which sorta defeats the purpose of the "large artwork" selling point, as he tries to stuff more and more story into that one page. The coloring makes it all muddy, and it's just not compelling in any way.

Palmiotti and Conner have it down pat with their Supergirl feature. It works like a daily gag strip, yet it's building a longer storyline. It only takes about a minute to read, but it's consistantly funny, and I eagerly await what they'll pull off next time.

Joe and Andy Kubert also have a winner with the Sgt. Rock offering. Kubert's such an old pro, he knows how to make each and every panel pop. Master class stuff.

The Gaiman/Allred Metamorpho strip really seems stuck in the mud. This week, at least, they broke out of the "whole page as one, giant panel" rut. It's visually interesting, but it slows your story down to a crawl. Nothing seemed to happen at all during weeks 2 and 3 for that reason.

Paul Pope's "Strange Adventures" is also really dense, but maintains a lightness of touch, and more concrete visuals that really hold up well.

Also a fan of the Flash, Green Lantern and Metal Men strips. As well as the Superman, Batman and Hawkman stuff. Really it's all good, but I wonder how the weaker elements got in there.

I think cutting strips back a bit, and dropping the price to say, $2.99 would keep me on board as long as you printed this. Mistakes are inherant in this sort of endeavor, it's brand new. Don't be afraid to fix some things.

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