Friday, July 24, 2009

You know as soon as you write something like I did yesterday....

The crisis of confidence will hit, and you'll go back on everything you've put up as "common sense" advice.

Yeah, the callback tomorrow has me a little worried.

Not "quaking in my boots" worried, or anything. I'm fairly certain I won't make a total ass out of myself. That being said, they sure picked a hell of a scene. Juuuust a little bit difficult. Not that I don't understand, completely, it's exactly what I would've asked guys after this role to do. You don't want to throw softballs.

Lot more confident about the one on Sunday. I'm feeling good, and strong, about stepping into those shoes.

I also have another audition on Sunday, where they want me to play guitar, and, frankly, I just can't really drum up much interest. I kinda just want to blow it off. Probably won't, but....hmmm...

Yet again, I'm looking at a weekend overflowing with places to be and commitments. I'd LOVE to have a free weekend, at some point.

I also just realized that the Ratt/Extreme show I wanted to go see at the House of Blues is tonight...Well, missed that one.

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