Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toad the Wet Sprocket

Why didn't anybody tell me they had a dwarf/midget for a drummer?!?

Seriously, dude was awesome.

Anyway. CByrd got free tickets to the show last night, and so we went. I cannot honestly say that I would pay to see Toad the wet Sprocket. The Opener was a total snooze. They didn't even really tell us their name. Not that I cared to look it up, or anything.

I was a little worried right off the bat when Toad hit the stage. A little too mannered, no real fire. Things picked up as they went along. I was sort of surprised at how many of their songs I remembered. They had a lot more hits than I thought. I did really enjoy the show, they had some charm and warmth, and the songs are catchy.

I was curious enough to go looking around about their history. Their last album came out in 1995. They "broke up" in 1998, and, I guess, officially are still "broke up."

Yet they're playing shows.


I almost laughed out loud when, at one point, the singer said "I see you guys like the old stuff."

OK, dude...There. Is. No. New. Stuff.

I have to ask myself, why? I mean, OK, so you're playing shows. You were big enough that SOMEBODY would pay you to do another record. There has to be some reason why you'd play together, but not want to spend the time to actually write and record new music. Do you guys still have problems, but needed the cash enough to put up with each other for short tours?

I dunno. It's all conjecture. I had a good time, but I still can't help wondering what the backstage politics of this group are like.

No word on auditions...The waiting is the hardest part.

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