Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Tuesday with New Rush music.

Of course, to the guy who posted "where's the guitar?" regarding these songs;

You, sir...are a moron.

I'll be downloading these as soon as I get home from rehearsal tonight. It's a big Rush month, with these new songs, Seeing the documentary on June 10th, the subsequent Blu-Ray release of same, and, finally, seeing the band on July 5th.


  1. It amazes and saddens me that Rush continue to kick massive butt with the vitality of a group of twenty somethings. Amazes me because they still sound fresh and amazing after 40 years. Saddens me because, one day soon, they will just stop and who's going to show those snot nosed youngsters how to really rock then?

    Yeah, I'm not old or anything...

  2. Thanks so much for posting these links. The new music is great! Nice to hear them still kickin' a#@ after all these years (and tight too). The documentary is great stuff (saw it at Tribeca) and I'm really looking forward to seeing them @ Northerly Island on the 5th of July. I, too, will be crestfallen the day they decide to hang it up. Let's hope it's another 40 years from now

  3. Well, looks like somebody pulled those YouTube links.

    I totally agree with you guys. It really feels like they can keep doing this forever, but time and tide take their toll. I will mourn the day Neil, Geddy and Alex hang it up.