Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back to the Grindstone

I am so glad Monday is a holiday. Not only that, but in a rare moment of grace, I don't have any rehearsals or performances that day. So, not only am I off work, but I'm off everything.

My fervent hope is that I'll actually be able to pick up my guitar and finish the track that's been on the 8-track recorder for weeks now. Honestly, since before Sun, Stand Thou Still opened. I've wanted to work on it, but setting everything up, getting the chord progression back in my head, working over it until I figure out what to play, not to mention play it fluidly, just takes more time than I've had available.

That's frustrating.

Rehearsals for The Meaning of Lunch, however, have been a dream.

I love this script very, very much. I have since the very first time I read it. It's exactly the kind of play I, personally, feel Stage Left should always be looking for. It's got a larger issue to deal with, but playwright Dan Aibel is gifted enough to allow it to be subtext. It's not a story about THE END OF AN ERA OF AMERICAN BUSINESS, it's a story about a family, a father and son. Like I've said in previous blogs, I, very strongly, feel that sort of this is what engages an audience. We can talk about "art" and "ideas," but the thing that makes a story powerful, what gives it meaning, is how we FEEL about it. The best way to do that, in my opinion, will always be to show the audience an honest, simple reflection of people they can relate to.

Our Director, Jason Fleece, and cast, Sandy Elias, Melissa DiLeonardo, and Gabe Estrada, have brought all kinds of great energy to the project. Lorenzo Blackett's been supporting Jason, too. It's just a really fun environment.

Sun, Stand Thou Still also returns to the stage tonight. I'm hoping some more of you will be coming out to see us. Playwright Steven Gridley will be on hand for the May 29th show, for a discussion. I get to be way over the top! I mean, come on, don't you want to see that? Long story short, the show's a good time, and very different from a lot of what I normally do.

My post-Leapfest projects are already lining up, as well. A writing/directing gig for Strangeloop Theatre's Loopshop festival that's very low time-commitment, wise, but also wearing on me. The script is one of my old Brown Couch Theatre Company (yup, the site is till there) ten-minute play festival scripts, called Protected. I'm excited to do it, very much so, but Director-Mark is seriously giving Playwright-Mark the evil eye about the stuff I have to find for this script.

I also have my August-September pretty much set, now. I feel like it's a little early to start talking about that show yet.

Mix in a trip to see the family in July, as well as the ever-present SDCC trip. Add a heaping helping of Stage Left Spring 2011 show auditions (which I'm REALLY excited about) sometime in July. Mix until my head spins.

I enjoy being busy, I can't deny it, but sometimes I do feel the "overbooked" thought rattling around in my head. There are definitely nights I'd rather just go home and collapse in front of the TV more than anything else.

So, come on Monday!

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  1. Hi Mark, great blog. Enjoy your day off. Laura and Jeff Jay