Monday, May 10, 2010

Tech week begins....

So, here we are with tech week, which, for the uninitiated out there, is when we move rehearsals into the actual theatre space where we'll be performing, and start putting all of the technical elements in place. These are traditionally long, somewhat tedious nights. Lots and lots of sitting around. Lots and lots of trial and error.

Very little sleep. The schedule for the next three nights is 6:00 to midnight. Then up as early as possible, so I can get to work early, thus facilitating my ability to leave work early to make it to rehearsal.

Hi-diddley-dee, as that damn puppet said.

Usually this is fine, I soldier on, and that's, that. I'll be pretty groggy by Thursday, which is our preview, and, God willing, our first guinea pigs...err, audience. My problem at the moment, however, is this...

I already feel like I need to crash.

This is not good. Yet, nobody has the time or energy to listen to me bitch, so...

Saturday night was our first read-thru and table work for the show I'm doing for Stage Left's Leapfest. I'm working on The Meaning of Lunch by Dan Aibel, with fellow Stage Left Ensemble member Jason Fleece directing. Reading through the script with the cast was great fun. I've loved this play since I first read it, months and months ago. It's so great to hear the dialogue out loud, and see the life coming to it.

I think we're gonna have a couple of really solid shows here.

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