Monday, September 27, 2010

Steel City Serenade #1 Cover Preview

A Monday morning bonus blog because I got my hands on something exciting.

Zach Bosteel, my artist/co-creator on Steel City Serenade just sent over his cover for issue one. I love it, I think Zach hit a very Kyle Baker vibe with it.

Zach's hard at work on the breakdowns, which means I should probably start thinking about starting to break the script for Issue #2. Our goal, at this point, is to make Steel City Serenade a quarterly publication

As always, you can find a digital version of issue #0 at Zach's website. I think it gives a flavor for what we're going for, and gives you an ever-so-brief look at the ultimate "big bad" of the series, or at least his followers. Give it a read, and shoot me some thoughts and comments on the writing. I love feedback, good or bad.

Don't worry. The next Springsteen entry should be up later today.

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