Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Week Down.

One less week until SDCC...

It's kinda pathetic how much I'm fixated on this trip. I mean, I have a LOT to do between now and then. Two shows, plus rehearsals, load-ins and strikes, two concerts I'm pretty (actually completely) revved up about, and a trip to see my family for the first time in years. There's a lot going on in the next few months, not even to mention the general work routine.

Right now, as far as Sun, Stand Thou Still, I'm in the "learn your damn lines" phase. I mean, I really haven't even started blocking rehearsals yet (that would be Sunday), but I feel the specter of tech week (starting May 10th). It's stalking me, and I mean to have it before it has me.

I also sat in on casting for the show I'm doing for Stage Left's Leapfest this week, so I have that bearing down on me, too. I'm doing one of the two major roles in The Meaning of Lunch, which is a script I was a big supporter of during the selection process. It's great fun, but also very quick, clipped, Mamet-like dialogue (Gee, why would I like that?). We'll also open the festival 12 days after Sun, Stand Thou Still closes. Both perform at the current Stage Left space, as well.

I was really happy to get to read The Meaning of Lunch selections with the actors up for the role of my father. I just love the play, and all of the guys made it fun to read. It's just so snappy. When you do one of these festival gigs, sometimes it feels like the fun gets sucked out of what you're doing. Not enough time for proper attacks on the material, but just reading a few pages got me all kinds of fired up. I can't imagine not having fun with this.

It's a quick turnaround between these two shows, quicker than I've done in a while. I know it'll all work out, as we say in the thea-tar, "it always does." However, I have these two scripts to become intimately familiar with quickly.

That said...I am walking over lunch today. I've spent too much time cooped up in this office going over my script this week. I need fresh air.

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