Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Half Day...

Cannot wait to get out of here, the weather in Chicago has been glorious the last two days. We actually slept with the window open last night. I guess Spring is here.

Watching the clock tick down to freedom.

Of course, it's another busy weekend for me. Catching the Babes With Blades show tonight, various shopping needs tomorrow, and strike for Here Where It's Safe on Sunday morning.

Other goals include taking another run at the two songs I "finished" last weekend, "Reason" and "Zep." As I listened to them I was struck by a certain tone on the drum track I didn't like for the former, and a generally messy-sounding tone on the latter. My solution, mainly as an experiment, is to try to run the whole thing, all the guitar tones, directly from my Line 6 X3 Live processor.

This is certainly giving me a cleaner tone. The guitar has more bite and definition. I always imagined this project as a little more ragged-edge rock sound, but I have to say I kinda like the control I have doing things this way. There's also a far wider range of tones I can access with the processor, as opposed to twiddling knobs on the amp.

So, I'm going to re-do both tracks this way, and do a comparison. We'll see what strikes me more when it's done. My major concern about all this is falling back into the "it's not perfect" rut. I really felt good last weekend to be moving forward on this project, but listening just wasn't quite right.

"Reason" is a warhorse, I've been fiddling with it a long time. I need to push past it. "Zep" has it's origins in an overnight stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, where they have a "check in, rock out" program, where you can get a free guitar in your room. By the time I tried to get one, only an acoustic was left. We happened to be on the Led Zeppelin floor, and I found myself messing around with a riff/progression that eventually because "Zep." It's got a nice groove, I think, but simple. It gets stuck in my head. I'm liking how it sounds with the drums (electronic though they may be) and bass. The mixing of an acoustic and electric sound is far.

But I do need to "finish" these, and then work on a melody line and vocals, which I hope will present themselves as I listen. I actually have a strong urge to finish all the music for this project before I go back and look at vocal stuff, at all.

we'll see how it shakes out.

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