Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Comic Day 4.7.2010

Welcome to the continuing look at how much money I waste on comics...

Actually, not fair. I actually spend far less than a lot of people out there, and my pull list is pretty tightly controlled. So, I don't apologize to anybody, man! BACK OFF!

Anyway, here's the buy/possible buy list this week...All-DC week, which isn't terribly unusual, I guess.

Batman and Robin #11

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Andy Clarke and Scott Hanna
Cover by Frank Quitely
1:25 Variant cover by Andy Clarke

"Batman vs. Robin" part 2 of 3! The Dynamic Duo fight it out in the ultimate duel to the finish. Meanwhile, Robin's mother, Talia al Ghul, sends an old adversary of Dick Grayson's to complete the job that her son may not be able to stomach!

Ah, me...this book is great. Despite the variant cover nonsense. Clearly, we (and Morrison) are ramping up to the "Return of Bruce Wayne" storyline. It's certainly being handled a lot better than his "death" was. Also, man the scheduling on this series is tight...the rotating artists concept has worked like a charm. It's shipping like clockwork. Well done.

Flash: Secret Files and Origins 2010 #1

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Scott Kolins, Francis Manapul and Others
Cover by Francis Manapul

Flash Facts! In the aftermath of BLACKEST NIGHT and THE FLASH: REBIRTH comes the beginning of a new era for Barry Allen and the deadly Rogues! As Barry readjusts to life again, strange happenings explode across Central City that will lead to one of the most bizarre murder mysteries Barry will ever face in the upcoming THE FLASH #1! Plus, don't miss Wally West, Kid Flash, Gorilla Grodd and a cold case that will send The Flash down a path unlike any other. Run – don't walk – to pick it up!

This is the "maybe" book this week. Great writer, great artists, and one of my top 3 characters, but the problem is, books like this are for newbies. People who need to get caught up on what's happened before. I don't. However, I'll flip through it, and see how the art and story look before I make a final call.

Jonah Hex #54

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art and cover by Jordi Bernet

Jonah Hex has been framed for murder! But with both the citizens and the law of the town convinced of his guilt, how will Hex avoid execution? Luckily he has some friends in town to help him out. Wait, they're the ones who framed him! Ah, well. Sorry, Hex.

I was just talking with my new director about this series last night, and how much I admire it. Truly, just a series where a genius like Jordi Bernet gets into print on a fairly regular basis is a cause for joy, but the fact that Palmiotti and Gray have never, ever slipped below "fun and readable" in fifty-four issues, and actually getting to "brilliant" more often than not, is a miracle. Please, if you read comics, or even if you don't, pick this up! It's worth it!

Red Robin #11

Written by Christopher Yost
Art and cover by Marcus To and Ray McCarthy

"Collision" races to its conclusion as Ra's al Ghul's endgame for Red Robin begins. The Men of Death are on the move in Gotham City, and Red Robin, Batgirl and Prudence set out to stop them from killing everyone Bruce Wayne ever cared about. But before he can take on Ra's, Red Robin has to get past Gotham City's own protectors...

My feelings about this book are unchanged. It's a truly good "second string" Batman title, and well worth your time. Tim Drake has had a lot of solo spotlight as Robin (Dick Grayson probably had more), and it pays off. I understand and like Tim in a very personal way. He's a good kid, and wants to do what's right...but he can't let go of Bruce, and now we know he was right.

Superman: Secret Origin #5 (of 6)

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and cover by Gary Frank and Jon Sibal

Superman versus Metallo – for the first time! Witness the origin of one of Superman's most-feared foes, as an attack by Lex Luthor goes awry and gives birth to the evil of Metallo. Can an inexperienced Man of Steel handle a foe with a heart of Kryptonite? Meanwhile, Lois Lane and Perry White are close to revealing Luthor as the monster that he is – but are they willing to pay for that truth with their lives?

This is a totally creator-driven series for me. I mean, there is absolutely no reason to re-tell Superman's early days yet again, unless you're going for full-on reboot and restart, and that's not what we have here. Things are changed, sure, but nothing in any major way that needed a whole 'nother 6 issues of re-telling. OK, we worked Superboy back into Clark's teenage years...big deal. However, Johns and Frank are in top form, and the book is gorgeous. That's nothing to turn your nose up at, and I don't...I am buying it.

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